Founded in 1834, IES Cardenal Cisneros is the first and oldest high school in Spain.

It is located right in the center of the capital city of Madrid, minutes away from the Royal Palace, the Senate, the  Cathedral and Gran Via .

Among former students and faculty:  Nobel Prize winner Jacinto Benavente, a President of the First Republic, 5 Ministers of the Central Gorverment, a President of the Senate, 17 Senators, a Mayor of Madrid and a President of Real Madrid soccer team.

In the following video you will find an introduction by D.a Sagrario García, Head of IES Cardenal Cisneros, and some of its teachers. The video is in German as IES Cardenal Cisneros hosts a bilingual German-Spanish academic program.

A World Class Music Program

The music program that IES Cardenal Cisneros has developed through a partnership with the Conservatorio Teresa de Braganza  is absolutly world class. You will be blown away by the talent of some of IES Cardenal Cisneros musicians. Please, find a peaceful spot and 10 minutes to enjoy the following music.

And a concert for violin and piano.  It is a Fantasia from the opera “Otello” by G. Rossini.

Student Exchange Program with Berlin (Germany)

IES Cardenal Cisneros allows its students to participate in a bilingual German-Spanish program. Half of all the daily lessons, exams and projects are carried out in German.

Students participate in an exchange program with a High School from Berlin (Germany).

Please find herebelow a video of the last visit of German exchange students to Madrid.